[Event report] July.1 co-working space TranceWORKS and Shibu2 lounge opening party

[Event report] July.1 co-working space TranceWORKS and Shibu2 lounge opening party

Hi, this is Iida.

The co-working space TranceWORKS AOYAMA has finally opened on July 1st! Today I report  about the opening party held on the first day of business.

The venue of the party was at cafe restaurant “Ruby on AOYAMA” and it was huge success.

First, the party began with an introductory speech from CEO Mr. Hasegawa.

He talked about the ideals and concept of TranceWORKS, how he hopes that people would use the space, and touched on future developments of the TranceREAL business.

After those introductory remarks, it was time for a special dinner and drinks by Ruby on Aoyama. It was served in a standing bar setting, where the guests enjoyed great food and pleasant conversation.

The place was filled with people, not just inside the venue, but also outside on the terrace. The place was bustling with great food and drinks, and everyone was having a wonderful time.

Moreover, many of the guests at this party were freelance and startup business people. It certainly been a great and valuable opportunity to create new network and exchange information.


As for the highly acclaimed dinner,the special menu was prepared just for this party by the head chef, who has over 25 years of experience in French cuisine! All the dishes were absolutely delicious!

Ruby on AOYAMA will be providing catering for future TranceWORKS Aoyama events and seminars as well!


The co-working space TranceWORKS Aoyama hopes to serve and provide support for the community and ever diversifying working lifestyle. We hope you will all continue to support TranceWORKS Aoyama!

We plan to hold many more useful events and seminars in the future, so please follow our SNS for more updates.

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